We specialize in the production of springs and various small metal parts. We guarantee production batch uniformity and quality by using machines with an electronic control system.


wire springs

Extension springs with german or english-type hook, modelled or long-shaped with any shape and size following the customer’s drawing. they can be produced in any type of steel wire from 0.10 mm to 12.00 mm.
Special springs
For plastic-coated diamond wires or for diamond wires used in cutting reinforced concrete, springs with wire with a rectangular section 0.5×1.00 mm, 0.7×1.40 mm, 0.7×1.70 mm and 0.8×1.80 mm are made, with lengths and diameters on request. All springs are supplied in packs of 5000 pcs.


Code Length Diameter int Wire
MA12-3 12 mm 5.15 1.30 mm
MA15-3 15 mm 5.15 1.30 mm
MA20-3 20 mm 5.15 1.30 mm
MA25-3 25 mm 5.15 1.30 mm
MA27-3 27 mm 5.15 1.30 mm
MA30-3 30 mm 5.15 1.30 mm
MA12-4 12 mm 5.15 1.40 mm
MA25-4 25 mm 5.15 1.40 mm
MA28-4 25 mm 5.15 1.40 mm
MA30-4 30 mm 5.15 1.40 mm

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