We specialize in the production of springs and various small metal parts. We guarantee production batch uniformity and quality by using machines with an electronic control system.



``Our constant commitment to the pursuit of excellence makes us proud to guarantee that our products are reliable and meet all the legal regulatory requirements, as well as the contractual conditions defined by our Clients.``
Mauro Bondielli - Enrico Bondielli


Our company has been active in the market since 1986. We are in constant expansion, currently with 15 employees. Company headquarters are in Massa Carrara - Tuscany, on 4000 square metres, 1500 of which are covered. We are specialised in the production of springs and various small metal hardware of all shapes and size, with wire and bands of any type of material. We produce only parts based on drawings, using new generation electronic machines with built-in control systems, ideal for guaranteeing quality and uniformity of the batch produced. We are able to guide our customers even in the design phase. You do not need to have technical drawings. We can design the ideal spring for your specific application together.


We have stayed up with the times consistently over the years, renewing our machinery, purchasing the best technologies available on the market. We have Simplex Rapid spring coiling machines (with built-in video control), 11-axis Nucoil Multiformer, G+M Dorn Grinding machines with electronic length control. This equipment allows us to punctually meet and satisfy the various needs of our customers, providing both small and large quantities. We also have specific equipment and various tonnage presses that allow us to make sheared or shaped band and wire parts of any shape and size using simple or progressive moulds.

The heat treatments of the springs are carried out internally. We have furnaces for hardening in a controlled atmosphere and furnaces with forced air. The surface treatments (galvanizing, painting, phosphating) are outsourced to exclusively certified specialised companies. Particular importance is placed on training and refresher courses for the technical, software and management part, often carried out in collaboration with anccem – the italian springmakers association. The high standards demanded by sectors such as automotive, naval and military are concrete proof of the way our company earns the trust of even the most demanding customers.


Our highly versatile production lines allow us to meet a vast range of different needs, adapting to customer requirements and providing concrete and prompt responses. The field in which we operate is broad and diverse. Our clients, ranging from large multinationals to small craft businesses, operate in the industrial, automotive, naval, military, dental, floriculture, gardening, stone, and mechanical engineering sectors in general.