We specialize in the production of springs and various small metal parts. We guarantee production batch uniformity and quality by using machines with an electronic control system.



All Diamond Wire Tools

Wire assembly desk

The bench unit simplifies the work of assembling the new diamond wire and regenerate used diamond wire.

HT45 hydraulic press

Manual hydraulic HT45 press with 5 Ton power, handy and easy to use, for diamond wire junctions for 6mm/8mm/9mm pipes.

PPG hydraulic press

Hydraulic press for making joints of the diamond wire composed of one press from 10 ton or 20 ton.

13T hydraulic press

Manual HT131-C hydraulic press with 13 Ton power, handy and easy to use, for diamond wire joints for 8/9mm tubes.

Manual press

HTR - Manual press for joints (8/9mm diam.)

Felco hand shears

Swiss-made FELCO shears guarantee a clean and precise cut for 9mm, 12mm and 16mm cables.

Seals protective for flywheels

Protection for flywheels in Rubber and Polyurethane are supplied in standard 40x8mm size in rolls of 3050 or 3660mm.


Aluminium flywheels available in different sizes generally supplied with rubber, cut-off and shaft (diameter 30 or 32 mm).

Hydrobag cushion

Retractor cushion with high resistance steel sheets, to separate blocks of stone.

Splitting air cushions

Eurovinil Compressed Air Retractor Cushions For Banks Overturning Are Reusable Hundreds Of Times.

Stone breakers

Splitting wedges are supplied in the standard measures: C 29X220 - C 29X450 - C 34X35