We specialize in the production of springs and various small metal parts. We guarantee production batch uniformity and quality by using machines with an electronic control system.



Calibrated ropes for marble and granite cutting. Generally the standard rope for traditional diamond wire assembly with spring or plastifield, have a diameter of 4.85 + / – 0.05 mm, with 61 galvanized wire and minimum breaking force of 17,65 kn. They are normally supplied in rolls or coils from 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000 mts.

We provide special ropes for different types of diamond wire:

  • For wire rubber coating, galvanized and/or brass rope diameter 4.80/4.90mm to 133 wires.
  • For stationary and single machines, galvanized rope diameter 3.80mm with 61 or 84 wires.
  • For Multiwire machines, rope diameter 2.90mm, 3.50mm, with 49 wires.

Calibrated ropes for marble and granite cutting

In addition to the checks carried out by the operators as required by the standard, our production process is constantly monitored with video cameras and specific control software. Unlike human checks, this method guarantees greater precision and observance of the tolerances even with the high speeds of the production line.

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