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The MOLLIFICIO APUANO has been in business since 1986. In continual expansion, it now has 15 operators located in Massa Carrara – Tuscany, in new premises with an area of 4000 square metres of which 1500 are covered. It specialises in the production of springs and various metal components, in all shapes and sizes, with wire and strip in any type of material.

It produces exclusive particular to drawing using machines with an electronic control system, useful to guarantee quality and uniformity of each batch. Experience, professionalism and the use of an appropriate software are at the disposal of the client to select the ideal spring for the application and the precise specification. The firm is equipped with the most up to date machinery and technology which permits them to respond to and satisfy quickly and punctually the various demands of the client, whether for large or small quantities.

MOLLIFICIO APUANO is an EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certificate company using a computerised system of quality control. All specifications are controlled and measured in the laboratory and each delivery, if so requested, is accompanied a Certificate of Quality.

The heat treatment of the springs is carried out in house. MOLLIFICIO APUANO is equipped with furnace for hardening in a controlled atmosphere and furnace for tempering. The galvanising, painting, phosphate coating surface treatment is carried out by specialist outside firms.